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Welcome to Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)

Government of MP, by its order C 3 – 15/ 2014/1/3 dated 26 February 2015 has recognized Computer Proficiency & Certification Test (CPCT) for all such positions in various Government departments where working knowledge of computers and typing skill are basic requirements. Aspirants of such government Jobs should appear in CPCT to get the score card.

Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP_IT) has been entrusted to conduct CPCT by Government vide its letter F 14- 16/2012/56 dated 18 February 2015.

Government of MP has decided to conduct Computer Proficiency & Certification Test (CPCT) in the State of Madhya Pradesh to access computer proficiencies and other allied skills of aspirant for related jobs in various Government Departments and Agencies.

The purpose of CPCT is to standardized assessment of computer proficiencies for recruitment on various positions in state government agencies to ensure fair and transparent assessment of candidates. CPCT is a Computer Based Examination system focused on assessment of skill sets that are required for regular working in various government jobs. Candidates looking for Government Jobs, will be required to participate in CPCT Assessment and get their score card. This score card will be referred by Government sector recruiters to evaluate computer and key board proficiencies and allied skills of a candidate. 

This Computer Based examination assesses the following competencies through a Multi Choice Questions based Assessment and Typing test:

CPCT Objectives

The common objective of CPCT Assessment is to:

Please refer Rule book available on the portal for more details.